About Doc

Welcome to Doc Mobile Auto Detail. I am glad you stopped by. I have been offering high quality auto detailing services for just at a decade now and continue to rack up happy customers. 

Where did Doc come from?

Okay sure its a bit of a cliche, but I spent eight years in the military as a Corpsman (Medic), working in Hospital and with various units providing care to the sick and injured and those trying to get out of duty for the day...so when people started asking me to detail their vehicles for them, after they saw my personal vehicle care, I chose to go with Doc as Corpsman in the Navy are simply refereed to Doc a lot of the time. 

Why Mobile?

Pretty simple answer really. I was doing my vehicle detail at my own house and when friends would bring their vehicles over to get cleaned they either had to get a ride and come back when it was done, or hang out and drink all of my beer! Since almost every home has a water hookup and electricity I started going to their houses and drinking their beer, just kidding...and thus started the mobile aspect. It has been a great convenience for my customers being able to get work done around the house and ending their day with a nice clean and shiny vehicle. 

Weekend to Full-Time

I love dabbling in business. I finished my degree in Business Management in 2017 and started an Internet Marketing company to help small businesses grow. Doc Mobile Auto Detail was only ever a weekend ordeal to help stir up some extra cash and because I love getting to work on cars and bring the body of the vehicle back to life. After I spent over a year learning about social media marketing I decided to test it on Doc Mobile and the results have been incredibly. I now schedule 7 days a week and work on my Internet Marketing Clients between details and consulting for a couple other businesses. I am in the process of putting together some guys and gals who can provide my service for me, I just have to make sure they get it right before I send them out to take care of you guys!

A Little Bit About Me

If you have every had me work on your vehicle or you plan on using my service in the future you should know I love to interact with people. Everyone has something amazing to share about the journey that have been on during their life and I love sharing mine. I grew up in a big ole Texas family (14 total) with two fantastic parents. My Mom, Judy, has been a domestic goddess her entire married life and over the past few years as her kids have grown up and left the nest, began to service those in need in Uganda through her mission work. You can check out her work here.

Being home schooled most my life I was able to take advantage of a few benefits. I played Golf at the local course daily and at age 11 began my entrepreneur journey. I would tee off with whoever would allow me to play and spit business, at the time lawn care. I then built a little trailer and hooked it up to my bike with a mower and some accessory tools and offered lawn care around the neighborhood. My journey as an entrepreneur has only grown from there. 

Now I am a father of two beautiful girls Claire and Charlotte. My wife and I have been together for ten years and she is my rock through a huge part of my life journey. 

There is plenty more to share and I hope to learn something about you as well!