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August 12

Best Way to Clean Car Windows: Lesson 5

Best Way to Clean Car Windows


Lesson 5

             There is a difference between someone who offers a car wash service and someone who offers a car detailing service. The difference is in the name and that is THE DETAIL.

Car window cleaning is often overlooked and rushed through. Often when in direct sunlight we are dealing with a high heat factor on the windows and we move quickly in order to get the windows wiped down.

While dirt is fairly easy to clean off of a cars window what we often miss is the leftover streaks.

“STREAK FREE IS A LIE”....sort of

Streak free glass cleaner, where you spray and wipe with no streaks left behind is honestly a lie. We have tested every glass cleaner for cars and home that we could get our hands on and every-time we saw streaks under low light conditions.

What is the Best Car Window Cleaning Method?

 The problem is not the cleaner. It is the glass it-self.  Glass gets build up on it just like your paint and a simple wipe down with a towel and some glass cleaner won’t always cut it.

Depending on how cruddy your glass is here is my method to getting a perfectly clean windshield and windows on a car.

Exterior Windows

  • During your washing step for the entire body of the car ensure you thoroughly wash the windows.
  • Use a separate microfiber towel and dip into your soap bucket and wash each window using the hex pattern.
  • If windows feel any sort of roughness much like your paint-clay bar the windows in the same way you would clay the paint during your clay step.
  • Dry your windows during the process of drying the car. Do not leave water on the windows that could turn into soft water spots when drying.
  • Use your polish and a SEPARATE pad to either hand polish or machine polish your glass. I prefer to use the Classic Cut from Shine Supply and a Finishing Microfiber Pad from Meguiars with only a couple of dots.  Classic cut finishes out extremely well on glass and will not leave any haze if properly cycled (Worked until clear).
  • Wipe down the glass with a microfiber towel to remove product
  • Use a glass cleaner
  • Favorite glass cleaner is 2 drops of Dawn Dish Soap, 80% Water, and 20% IPA mixed.
  • Ensure you dry wipe the window with a microfiber towel after you clean the glass.

Interior Windows

Typically, the interior windows are not as bad as the exterior since they are not exposed to the elements. However, they are exposed to dirty kiddos hands among other things.

  • If stickers or other heavy crud on glass use a razer blade to remove and degreaser spray diluted 80/20.
  • Use a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to act as a clay bar/polish in one step.
  • Clean glass with glass cleaner
  • Dry wipe entire window to ensure no streakiness
  • Make sure you get into the corners.

There you have it that’s it!

A simple method to clean car windows with the best method possible.

I have had a few customers call me back because they noticed later in the evening streakiness and so we came up with this method in order to ensure perfectly clean windshields.

The same method can be used for mirrors and I also recommend on Headlights as a maintenance to help remove light oxidation and prevent headlights from getting crappy down the road.

Super Hydrophobic Windows

Last tip before I let you go!

Although Rainx is a great product for creating a nice shed of water during in-climate weather I have a better recommendation. 

Note that you must properly clean the glass before applying this product. 

Clutch is a killer product to ensure your glass sheds water for up to 6-months and makes it easier to clean bugs and dirt off turning your newly learned glass cleaning method into a once a year ordeal. 

Clutch is easy to apply but should be done in the shade since the product contains 10% silica and will flash to quickly in the sun making it difficult to level out. 

Best application method for Clutch on Glass Surfaces

1. Spray clutch onto a Hypersoft microfiber towel. 

2. Wipe in a hex patter across half of the glass surface, whether it be a windshield-car door glass-or rear panel glass. 

3. Flip towel over to clean side and wipe off residue. If you are working in a cool environment below 86 degrees and shaded you can let the product sit a little longer to maximize the effectiveness. 

4. Using a new Hypersoft towel with NO PRODUCT thoroughly wipe the glass again to ensure product is leveled. Let dry for about 30 minutes before allowing water to make contact with the surface. Although this is not fully necessary it gives the product longer to cure properly. 

Have a Questions?

Is there something I missed? Something not clear? Drop a question below and I will gladly answer and update this page as needed. 

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