Auto Interior Detailing Tips: Better Results Faster Cleaning

October 9

Car Interior Cleaning: Better Results Faster Cleaning Time


Auto Detail: Three Interior Cleaning Tips To Make Cleaning Your Car Faster


While it is wonderful when the outside of your car is looking its best after a nice wash and wax. The inside is where you spend the majority of your time when using your car. So here is three auto interior detailing tips to help make cleaning your car easier than ever and making keeping it clean easier.


One of the hardest parts about cleaning the inside of a car is that a lot of the surface area becomes sticky. From food and drinks to human contact and build up that occurs in indentions such as your cupholders and car cubbies.

To start cleaning your vehicle’s interior begin by using a simple all-purpose cleaner. Nope, nothing fancy. My goal has been and always will be to keep the process of detailing your vehicle as cheap as possible.

Fill a spray bottle with some water as well. Spray those trap areas with all-purpose cleaner and some water if you want a ratio I would say 70/10. Let it sit while you work on the other surface areas.

Using your favorite microfiber towel or even just a hand/dish towel from the kitchen spray the towel first and then wipe the area. The purpose of not spraying directly onto the surface is that it becomes very easy to overspray and create more wiping hence increased clean time.

Brush Me Please

Something you are probably not used to. Using a brush will greatly reduce how long it takes you to clean cracks, crevices, seams, and those areas you just can not get into very easily with a towel.

The problem is that this is a tool used by all professional detailers, but is hard to find at your local auto stores.

Alternate options other than the 2-day amazon shipping are medium bristle paint brushes, small 1-2 inch in size, old toothbrush, or even a (new) food brush.

Using your water bottle change the spray to a stream and spray close to your crevices and then use the brush to remove dust, dirt, oil, and whatever grim is built up. This is especially useful to get around the shifter knob, AC vents, and seams.

Before you put the brush away use it to help loosen the crud in your cupholder and those cubie spaces. The last step wipes out the cubbies with a paper towel.

Surface Protectant

This last step is the most important; the reason is that that mess you just went to to get your car’s interior surfaces looking pristine is one that you should not have to deal with every time you go to clean your car.

A quality surface protectant spray is for more than just to add some temporary shine to your vehicle’s interior. It should leave a dry but shiny surface that prevents build up and crud from sticking to the surface so easily.

Sorry Armor All but you just aren’t cutting anymore. No one likes resting their arm on the door and having a bunch of greasy oil left on it. It seems like it defeats the purpose of cleaning in the first place.

Here are the top two products I prefer to use.

Chemical Guys Natural Shine: To start I am not an affiliate for Chemical Guys (but that doesn’t mean I would be if they offered). I have been incredibly impressed with their products, and since they opened up a local store not too far from me, I have been able to test a variety of their polishes, pads, and cleaning products.

When we use interior coatings, we are looking for a product that will give the inside of a clean shine while NOT creating a greasy layer over everything…sorry armor all time to up your game…This product does just that. It hydrates the surface of the interior while adding shine and luster. When you rest your arm on the door, you won’t have that greasy feeling or see the imprint later.

Meguiars Hyper Dressing: Meguiars has been a favorite of mine for years. They have been in business long enough to nail down their products and what the industry calls for. This coating can be diluted to match your needs. A higher dilatation ratio gives you the shine with minimal oily feel. I love this as it also is a multi-purpose dressing. I use it over exterior plastics, wheel well plastics, frame, tires, and more.

Final Notes:

Quick recap, the key here is to vacuum entire interior, then degrease, then apply your dressing.




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