Pollen and Your Vehicle: Does A Detail Protect Your Car?

Its Spring Time again and with the germination of many flowering plants, pollen is heavy in the air. In fact, it only seems to take 24-48 hours after a wash and vehicles become coated in a nice new yellow layer. With the pollen starting to affect more than just allergies, I have started to get the annual question from my clients. Should I get my car detailed now or wait until after the pollen passes?

I decided it was time to write a quick article on just such a topic and help answer this question once and for all, clearing up and hesitation you might have for getting a spring detail done on your vehicle.

Pollen and its Affects on Your Car

Plain and simple pollen will damage your vehicle. Although pollen on your vehicle appears to be a soft yellow cloud, when put under microscope pollen is made of tiny hairs that allow it to cling to objects, a useful feature for germinating but not so great for your cars paint. In this state, there is not much damage that can happen as the pollen can easily glide off your vehicle. The catch is that springtime not only brings pollen but also normally heavy bouts of rain, and rain combined with pollen makes the acidic levels of pollen activate and start to wear down on your paint. Those small pollen particles combine with other particles when wet, and the hairs create a micro scratch that turns into swirls and hazing on your vehicle's paint. Every time a kid or adult decides to swipe their hand across your nicely dusted vehicle they are dragging those hairs across the paint (the same effect with dust and dirt build up on the paint surface). In addition to the acidic effect of pollen mixed with water, you are also getting the microfiber scratches on your vehicle's paint.

Damage Prevention From Pollen Buildup

A high-quality auto detail is not only going to protect your cars paint from pollen build up, but it will also protect your paint from dust, dirt, oil, acid rain, and road debris.

Pollen can be cleaned from your vehicles engine bay area, reducing the amount that works its way through your vehicle's vents and affecting your allergies (every driven down the road and got a bout of sneezing and the windows where up?)

A quality wash will remove pollen build up on your vehicles paint along with other road build up. A clay bar will help to remove the heavier build up that is a result of rain combining particles of dirt and pollen, leaving a smooth surface on your vehicle's paint. The polish phase helps to remove swirls created by pollen and other elements leaving a clean and smooth surface ready for sealant.

Final Step is PROTECTION and is your prevention method. By applying a wax sealant, you are creating a barrier between your paints clear coat and the elements. Why do I use wax sealants? They offer a harder barrier then carnauba wax alone and last for greater lengths of time normally six months or more, and they do not break down as quickly after multiple washes.

The sealant is your most important step. The continued care after is what will add life to the auto detail on your vehicle. This will protect your cars clear coat from being scratched and damaged and prevent swirls and hazing and your paint from ultimately fading over time.

Auto Detail After Care

Once your detail is complete your vehicle will be a brilliant shine with a high gloss and mirror reflection. To help your auto detail last and properly protect your car from pollen build up there is one thing YOU for which you are responsible. Wash your car! Weekly if possible or at least on a bi-monthly basis. This will prevent the pollen build up from wearing away at your paint protection faster, and will also prevent unwanted parties from running their hands across your paint or drawing cute smiley faces in the pollen on your car.

When washing your vehicle ensure you thoroughly rinse your car or go to a quality car wash with brushless equipment (brushes build up dirt and cause micro scratches on your car). Never wipe pollen off your car with a microfiber towel, I do not even recommend using a waterless wash and towel. The reason is due to the pollen in your towel being dragged across the surface and causing scratches and swirls.

Final Notes

If you are interested in a bi-monthly wash, you can Contact Me for monthly membership options. After I have done a full detail on your vehicle, I offer a package to fit your needs and budget and help keep your car clean each month.

Taking care of your vehicle each month only takes a couple of hours and will save you money down the road from needing a more in-depth detail that requires several levels of compounding to remove heavy swirls and scratches from the elements.

Got a question? Leave it in the comments!