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Do you enjoy working with your hands? 

Do you love seeing the results of hard work?

Do you love those results putting cash in your pocket?

Do you want freedom from your current job or would you like to create more income in your free time?

Over the past Ten years I have built on my abilities as a Auto Detailer through constant education through various free resources. Now I am compiling a complete course on how you can start your own detailing business and create either a side business that is profitable over a short period of time, or a full time business.


I mentored a young gentlemen who had started his own business. Yet for 5 years he was offering the same basic services and charging the same amount and his profit was very low, barely enough to live on. When I asked him why he did not offer higher end services he mentioned that although he had done research and tested on his own he did not have the confidence to really feel comfortable offering a higher end detail service when there is a lot of risk if you do not get it right (Damage to cars interior or exterior from improper techniques and product use).  We worked out a deal where he helped me with my overload of details and I in exchange paid and trained him to be able to accommodate my higher detail levels. 

I have always taught, whether helping a small business grow through marketing, or teaching skills I have picked up to friends and family members, I have always taught and loved to teach. I did not want to charge for this course because I would rather you take the $1500-$3000 that you would be charged for a 3-5 day detail course and invest it into products and equipment that will allow you to get your business up and running, or if you already have a detail business, learn a new detail skill and grow your business that way. 

Don't worry I will make some money off this course and with your help. Throughout this course I will be recommending various products I personally use every single day and if you choose to purchase any of those products or services through an affiliate link on my site you will help support this course and continue its growth. 

At the end of this course whether I help 1 or 100 people start a car detailing business or improve their existing car detailing business I hope to put better auto detailers into the market. 

Why Start A Auto Detail Business?

Auto detailing is a great business to be in. It DOES require a passion for car care and a pride in seeing a beautiful ride on the road. Auto detailing requires massive attention to detail and patience. If you have these traits you will go far with auto detailing. If you do not, never fear take a deep breathe and stay focused and they will grow as you grow in your detail business. 

Auto detailing took me from my 40-hr work week at my day job making around $3200 a month before taxes to almost over $6,000 a month total between two jobs while detailing on average 25 hours additional each month! That is roughly $100 per hour working in my spare time and creating more income for myself and my family. I then quit my day job and focused solely on auto detailing continuing to bring in $6000 a month working around 32 hours per week. As I focused in on my services and skills I started to see my income increase to an average of $8000 per month and even in the off season (Winter and early Spring) I still was able to make $4000-$5000 per month.

Now this was not easy. There is a lot that goes into this including a quality website, good reviews on various social media platforms, and at the end of the day if I did not have work coming in I would create a simple and high quality package and go knock doors and offer it in various towns nearby. 

What Should Your Focus Be?

Quality Quality Quality. There is 10x more potential in auto detailing when you focus on quality. To many "auto detailers" focus on quick turn around and the results show.

This course will teach you how to create incredible results for your clients that last, while educating them on steps they can take to enhance and create longer lasting results.

I only recommend high quality products in this course and tools that will get the job done correctly. At the end of the day 80% of the results you yield are based on your attention to detail and the skillset you develop.  

What Is different About Your Course?

For starters it is free!

Second, I will not only show you how to properly detail a car, everything from the wash process to paint correction and coating application to deep interior cleaning and restoration, but I will also teach you how to build the actual business. The $1500 course investment I mentioned only teaches you how to "detail" I am going to teach you how to detail and how to run a detail business from completing various detail levels, to building and managing a website, to running advertisements, client acquisition, book keeping, and more. All while offering direct support along the way. 

Building on the go

Instead of creating this entire course and then releasing it I have chosen to add content each week to the course starting from the basics and working up. Everything will be written and then I will add video tutorials as we move along. My goal in this strategy is to allow you to ask questions along the way so we can cover every aspect. 

Comments will be available at the bottom of every lesson, so please feel free to ask questions. However I will not deal with trolls or spammers, if you do not have something nice to say or that will enhance the course please keep them to yourself. 

Release Frequency

I am intending to release a piece of content 3 times per week. There is potential that I will release more so make sure you get on my mailing list to get updates when new course content is released. 

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